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The Barking Beast Inn

a place of rest for the hunters of dreams

Hello! This is for mostly writing, and more specifically for my Sherlock/Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. I write quite a bit of fanfiction, but the original work is almost double. Yes, I do sleep. Some. And I have school. I'm a sophomore in college--going to uni in a few months!

I'm a Christian, member of the Church of Christ. I don't write much romance because I don't care for it as a genre and I don't write any slash or graphic scenes. I participate in NaNoWriMo—2012 was my fifth win. I love pajamas, I'm introverted, and I think old stuff trumps new stuff any day. Which is why I am a radio addict and would choose a radio show over a TV show anyday. Probably a good thing, because at the moment I don't have TV. Or a life. Also, King Arthur rocks my socks off. The books (any books), not the TV/movie junk, because the TV/movie junk is on a permanent LancelotAndGwenivere/Merlin/Grail!Quest loop and I like all the other characters, too. Well, there's BBC Merlin. I like BBC Merlin.

Also, above all else, I write fantasy. Which means, unfortunately in a lot of cases, you're more likely to see some form of magic here than anything else. Even when using fandoms that have no magic. Like, for instance, Sherlock Holmes—might I direct your attention to the drabble series Gypsy Curses, my Changeling!Watson and Siren!Holmes universe, and a Sherlock Halloween story in which John is possessed. I am shameless.

If you're looking for me in other places, I'm Lady Pendragon on NaNoWriMo and Feste The Fool on fanfiction.net, and usually some form of "Lady Pendragon" or "The Questing Beast" if I happen to pop up anywhere else. So if you know me from elsewhere, drop me a line?

acoustic music, british tv, everything contemporary acapella, radio, reading, theater, writing, ya fantasy